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Future Bridge is excited to welcome you to the Power Price Forecasting Summit on the 9-10th of June 2022 in Barcelona, Spain

With the increase in energy supply volatility there emerges a greater need for better power price forecasting analysis.

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About Conference

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Future Bridge is excited to welcome you to the Power Price Forecasting Summit in June 2022.


The two-day business networking event will create a platform for in-depth discussions, insights, exchanges, benchmarking, and addressing industry challenges. Leading industry experts from analytic departments of power generation and energy trading companies, energy utilities, and electricity TSO/DSO will shed light on deliberate strategies to improve electricity price forecasting techniques. Specifically for the day-ahead and intraday forecasting for electricity markets, price modelling, and long-term electricity price analysis.


For the past two years, the energy markets have experienced unprecedented volatility. Due to the economic turmoil caused by COVID-19, geopolitical tensions, and changes in demand with the transition to carbon-free, energy markets have seen a rise in negative and record prices. The Clean Energy Package 2030 will speed up the shutting down of thermal and nuclear baseload generation, which will tighten the supply. The process of recalibration started in 2021 and will continue, bringing us to the question; will energy markets recover by the end of 2022?


Carbon emissions regulations are getting stricter on the way to reaching net-zero by 2050. The "Fit for 55" package contains the EU’s recent environmental measures, imposing the overall goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030, including a number of different mechanisms as well as tax measures, which are supposed to take effect from 2023 after acceptance by the Member States. This all implies a tightening of the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS, or ETS) and EU Effort Sharing Regulation (EU ESR) targets.

European power producers must consider that a key climate policy to drive the decarbonization of the power sector and heavy industry is the EU ETS. Therefore, the share of input from RES is growing, and according to the central results of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) research on the project Future of Fossil Fuels, tightening the EU ETS target (−63% instead of −43% in 2030) speeds up transformation by 3–17 years. This does not only impact RES expansion, which reaches > 70% by 2030, but also leads to an almost complete coal phase-out by 2030 and a gas phase-out by 2040 across Europe.

With the increase in energy supply volatility, there emerges a greater need for better power price forecasting analysis.


Who Should Attend?
VPs, Directors, Heads, Managers, Analysts of the following divisions: 

Program Highlights

Power Market Outlook

  • Wind curtailment and expectations on power price volatility

  • Market trends and changes in the regulatory landscape for an energy mix 

  • Photovoltaic and battery development: impact on power market and price


 Long Term

  • Efficiency maximization of long-term forecasting models

  • Data-driven modelling for long-term electricity price forecasting

  • Probabilistic mid-and long-term electricity price forecasting

  • Best practice of implementing hybrid models for the long-term forecast

 Short Term

  • Electricity intraday price modelling with Marked Hawkes processes

  • Short term fundamental price forecasting and unit commitment

  • Insights on the representation of intraday electricity markets in long-term scenarios

  • New approaches to spot price modelling

  • MIBEL daily prices: drivers and forecasting

Strategies and Models

  • Models to increase prediction accuracy and decrease categorical bias

  • Improving the forecast accuracy with curated datasets of real-time and historical data 

  • Advancements in modelling weather volatility using big data and machine learning technologies

  • Optimizing data-driven analytics for portfolio management and improved investment decision

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Energy Exemplar 

Energy Exemplar develops and supports PLEXOS, the market leading integrated energy simulation software. Along with electric power, water & gas datasets, users can digitally replicate real-world energy markets to deliver crucial forecasting. From short-term analysis to long-term planning studies, PLEXOS helps to inform trading, generation scheduling, capacity expansion and market analysis across industry sectors. From their regional HQs including the US, Europe, North and South America and as well as Asia, Energy Exemplar helps 400+ customers, comprising a large share of the world’s top energy market stakeholders, across over 60 countries analyse scenarios for the most accurate outcomes while supporting their organisational and digital transformation. 

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EnAppSys was founded in 2003 to provide cloud-based data services to the GB power market, and our European energy insight platform provides comprehensive access to European energy market activity and trends. As the energy transition has proceeded, EnAppSys has grown dramatically and become a key player in the market. We supply some of the biggest wholesale energy market participants in Europe from our base in Stockton-on-Tees and we are a well-regarded SaaS data and insight provider.

Our team has decades of energy market experience and this combined with our highly capable and innovate software team, allows us to provide highly detailed and informative levels of information and insight about market activity across European energy markets.
At EnAppSys, we are passionate about creating a level playing field for everyone working in the energy sector. For us, that means facilitating energy transition at the lowest possible cost to consumers.

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KYOS Energy Analytics 

KYOS Energy Analytics is a market leader in financial-analytical software and advisory services to energy companies. We have a satisfied customer base of over 70 companies worldwide using our KYOS Analytical Platform. 

The Platform is the #1 solution for the valuation and risk management of renewable investment projects, PPAs, gas storages and power plants. It provides all the financial reporting for managing a complete portfolio on a daily basis. Among the main building blocks are our own fundamental power market model and a Monte Carlo engine that generate realistic price and production simulations.

We understand the needs of energy market players. Conventional generation or renewable, power or natural gas, storage or transport: we support you with excellent software and services, incorporating best-in-class financial modelling techniques. 

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DNV is an independent assurance and risk management provider, operating in more than 100 countries, with the purpose of safeguarding life, property, and the environment. We provide assurance to the entire energy value chain through our advisory, monitoring, verification, and certification services. As the world's leading resource of independent energy experts and technical advisors, we help industries and governments to navigate the many complex, interrelated transitions taking place globally and regionally, in the energy industry. We are committed to realizing the goals of the Paris Agreement, and support our customers to transition faster to a deeply decarbonized energy system.

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Join Us in Barcelona on the 9-10th of June

In-Depth Panel Discussions

6+ Hours of Networking Sessions

Leonardo Royal Hotel Barcelona Fira

Leonardo Royal Hotel Barcelona Fira is the first choice for business and city travellers looking for exceptional comfort and style. Located in green Saints-Montjuïc, the largest district of Barcelona, the hotel is the perfect spot for a relaxing break, as well as being an ideal location for a business event to impress and travellers alike who look for a memorable stay in the city surrounded by the scenic Montjuïc skyline.


Leonardo Royal Hotel Barcelona Fira is just a short walk from the near attractions such as Jardí Botànic de Barcelona, Palau Sant Jordi, Olympic Stadium and Museums like Fundació Miró, MNAC, moreover only 3 stops away from Plaça d'Espanya.


In-Depth Panel Discussions

Networking Sessions

Oybek Hayot

Event Manager

phone: +44 203 9363 449

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